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Mulch Products:

     100% Hemlock Bark Mulch -best color of all mulches, finely ground
     100% Spruce Bark Mulch -brown and very aromatic mulch
     100% Hardwood Bark blend (a local product) -a good natural dark brown without dyes

Wood Mulch
     "ECO" mulch -a fine triple ground product with a mix of aged wood

Color Enhanced Mulches:

    Hemlock colored mulch -pine & hemlock wood fiber colored to match the beauty of hemlock bark
   Red pine -pine wood fiber colored bright red
   Black mulch -a deep jet black color of our blended wood mulch
   Dark Brown -a pine & hemlock blend colored dark brown an economical option to a real dark bark 

Our own fantastic garden loam:    "SUPER LOAM"

Organics at its best.  Farm rich soil that has been mixed and screened for use in our growing season.  We have added 40-50% of our composted cow manure (no smell) and screened to 3/8" minus.  Leaving our customers with a loam that is easily spread and no sticks, rocks or clumps of soil.  Soil is ready to use, no need for costly and harmful chemicals to get your lawn and garden off to a great start.  Lay it down today, play on it tomorrow! 
Worm Castings:
One of the worlds best organic soil amendments.  Made right here at Rockwood Farm.  Ask us how you can enjoy the benefits of worm casting in your garden or flower beds.

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